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At present, we do not collect any charges for posting jobs.

First you have to register your details (simple registration) using our link http://www.deucoo.com/employer-reg.php and after logged in, you can use http://www.deucoo.com/postnew-job.php to post jobs.

You can view our home page link http://www.deucoo.com/index.php where your posted job appears at the top.

After posting a job, you can visit your employer login link http://www.deucoo.com/employer-dashboard.php and see the jobs and responses

Yes.  If you are a US Client, we collect nominal charges of USD.200/- valid for 3 months.  For Indian Clients, we collect nominal charges of Rs.2000/- with the validity of 3 months.  The main advantage is you can use the facility even after getting the desired candidates.  You can use this option for another requirement.  There is no limitation on how many candidates are getting connected or selected.  You can use this to select multiple vacancies or multiple candidates.

Yes.  For US Clients, we collect a nominal one time service charges of USD.100/- for adding your career page in our website.  For Indian Clients, we collect a nominal one time service charges of Rs.1000/- for adding your career page in our website


HR-Connect – View Demo

By using the traditional way of posting job in job portals, newspapers, you can get the candidate resumes in your email id.  But most of the resumes are not updated.  Many Candidates used to send their resumes that already exist in job portals which are not updated even for a year where many changes would have happened.  Also in many resumes, the key details like, current salary, expected salary, location and notice period are not mentioned.  In these cases, the employers cannot make decision based on the resumes and  may have to call the candidates but most times candidates did not answer or their mobile out of reach or switched off.  For example, when the employer calls 20 candidates, 12 candidates will not respond, out of balance 8 candidates, only 2 will attend the interview and the chances of shortlisting is remote

By using our HR-Connect, you can chat with candidates and find out their skills, experience and other key details and thereby make decision without actually contacting them or calling them for interview.  This pre-screening concept saves lot of time and helps you to call the candidate exactly matching your requirement

You can visit our demo link on how to connect

As soon as you are connected, the relevant candidates will receive email and mobile alerts.  They can also use search option to choose designation and location.  As per the search, the relevant employer details will be displayed to them.  The candidates will choose the desired employer as per their needs and gets connected.

We use SEO and our marketing team goes on adding the candidate database so we hope getting candidates is not a big deal

Shortlist Candidates in a Single Click - Only for India

By using our simple search and advance search option, you can choose up to 20 profiles of candidates which will match almost 90% as per your requirement.

Before choosing any profiles, you can click the view full resume option below each candidate where you can see the entire details of each and every candidate except contact details.

After choosing the profiles, click the submit button. You will be re-directed to the payment gateway where you will pay our service charges. After successful completion of payment, the candidate list with full contact details will be available in your login page along with Invoice.  After getting the candidate list, you can call them directly and have a discussion

We are giving only the recent updated candidate list. You can check the same from our “last updated “field in view candidate profile page

We charge only 10 % as service charges from  candidates shortlisted by you, the average of highest salary expected and lowest salary expected per month Suppose if you select candidate expected salary from 10000 to 20000 per month, we charge only Rs.1500/- (i.e. 10% the average of highest and lowest salary)

After making payment, you can see the shortlisted candidate details in your employer login page, under shortlisted candidates field.  You can call the candidates and explain job description, calling them for interview, etc.  Our responsibility ends after providing the candidate details in your login page

Add Your Career Page

It is one way of getting the candidate resumes directly on your career portal

You can view and shortlist the candidates whenever there is a requirement.  Our website is being promoted by SEO experts and is being viewed by lot of candidates daily.  So there is every possibility of getting the right candidate in your career portal

True.  But know the fact that no candidate searches the company names, instead they search for designation like, Back Office jobs, admin jobs, etc.  The only exception is they are searching company names of top MNCs and not the other companies.

You can put Google analytics for your career page which will show the links from where the candidate arrived in your career link


For Candidates

HR-Connect – View Demo

No.  We do not collect any charges from candidates.  We believe it is not ethical to collect money from candidates

At present, candidates are applying for job through job portals.  Most of the times, the employer cannot take decision based on your resume and he calls all the candidates for the interview.  In the interview, he came to know that your profile is not suitable for them.  Here you are wasting your time and energy and hoping that the employer will call you.  Most of the employers, did not send any intimation that you are not shortlisted leaving the hopes with candidates.  In order to overcome these circumstances, we have developed the concept of HR-Connect where you can actually decide everything before attending interviews.

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